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FLEX : Robotic Bending with Natural Materials

Step into the forefront of architectural innovation with AA DLAB 2023, as we delve into the transformative potential of robotics and natural materials in structural design. Witness firsthand how rattan canes are ingeniously bundled and twisted to redefine traditional construction methods, all while championing sustainability and efficiency. Presented in real dimensions on Teledomica, experience the future of architecture today.

AA DLAB 2023 explored the potentials of active bending through the robotic bundling and twisting of rattan canes. In human construction, the practice of bundling and utilizing friction-based structures has been employed for centuries. Within both prehistoric and traditional architectures, the increased load-bearing capacity of bundled poles, compared to the mere summation of individual poles, has resulted in highly efficient systems.

Compared to conventional building materials, natural materials often embody lower embodied energy and carbon footprint. Moreover, natural materials, often sourced locally, reduce the reliance on energy intensive manufacturing processes and long transportation distances, both major contributors to carbon emissions.

During AA DLAB 2023, we have worked with rattan canes, a renewable and biodegradable resource, and we have focused on the creating of lightweight structures through the bundling and twisting of rattan canes. The structure is partially robotically fabricated through developed construction and assembly techniques. We have implemented various simulation methods, structural analysis, and optimisation techniques as design drivers.

Programme Heads

Dr. Elif Erdine, Dr. Milad Showkatbakhsh

AA Visiting School Director

Dr. Christopher Pierce


Elif Erdine, Alexander Krolak, Angel Lara Moreira, Milad Showkatbakhsh

Teaching Assistant

Chengxuan Li


Laya Al Ibadi, Aeshah Alani, Yusuf Alperen Bayir, Rim Cherkaoui, Heloisa de Santis Alfredo, Ahmed Gewaily, Jiyeong Kim, Soki Kimura, Anna Kloos, Amalia Konstantinou, Luis Leon Escoda, Samanta Martinez, Ahmed Mitwally, Netra Mundada, Sudaksh Nigotiya, Zahra Parhizi, Yiru Wang, Hanqi Zhang

Photo Credits

Samanta Martinez

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