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Controlling Products in Teledomica Meta Quest Application with the "Cast to Headset" Button

1. Upload and Publish Your Model:

- Upload your model to Showcase or Sampleroom using the Teledomica web application. Follow the necessary steps outlined in the "Uploading a Model to Showcase" or "Uploading a Model to Sampleroom" guides, then click the "Publish" button.

2. Find the Product:

- After your model is published, open the Teledomica Meta Quest application and log in. Navigate to the list of products uploaded via the web application and find the relevant product.

3. Click "Cast to Headset" Button:

- Once you've found your product, click on the "Cast to Headset" button associated with it.

4. Confirm the Prompt:

- After clicking the "Cast to Headset" button, you'll receive a prompt. Confirm this prompt to proceed.

5. Confirm in the Meta Quest Application:

- Return to the Meta Quest application and confirm the prompt that appears. This allows you to view the model on your Meta Quest.

6. Experience Your Product:

- After confirming the prompt, your desired product will appear in the Meta Quest application. You can now view your model quickly and easily.

This way, you can effortlessly transfer your model to your Meta Quest device and experience it wherever you like using the "Cast to Headset" button in the Teledomica Meta Quest application.

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