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Integrating the AR Button into Your Own Website

1. Log in to the Teledomica Web Application:

- Open your browser and go to the Teledomica web application at Dashboard: Feed List (

- Log in to your account or sign up if you haven't already.

2. Upload and Activate Your 3D Model:

- Upload your 3D model to the Teledomica web application and enable AR features. Follow the steps outlined in the "Uploading a 3D Model to Showcase and Activating AR Mode" guides for this.

3. Get the Embed Code:

- Once your uploaded 3D model is in the "Published" status, click on the blue "Sample Code for Web AR" button at the top center of the edit page to get the embed code.

4. Copy the Code:

- Copy the embed code provided to your clipboard.

5. Add the Code to Your Website:

- Open your website's HTML file.

- Paste the code where you want the AR button to appear.

- After placing the code, save the changes and publish your website.

6. Test the Button:

- Visit your website to check if the AR button is functioning correctly.

- When you click on the button, you should be able to see your 3D model in AR mode on your mobile device.

7. Troubleshoot:

- For support, please contact our technical support team at

By following these steps, you can integrate Teledomica's AR button into your website. This allows your visitors to interact with 3D models and experience augmented reality through their mobile devices. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the "Website Integration Guide" document.

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