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Sharing Your 3D Model with Different Accounts and Viewing Shared Models

1. Upload to Sampleroom:

- Follow the steps outlined in the "Uploading a 3D Model to Sampleroom" guide to upload your 3D model to Sampleroom.

2. Share with Friends:

- After uploading your 3D model, navigate to your Sampleroom list.

- Enter the email address of the account you want to share your 3D model with.

- Click on the "Add Member" button to share the 3D model.

Viewing Shared 3D Models

1. View Shared 3D Models:

- To view 3D models shared with you, go to Sampleroom.

- Click on the "Shared with me" tab.

- You will see a list of 3D models shared with you.

Viewing in the Meta Quest Application

1. Open the Teledomica Application:

- Open the Teledomica application on your Meta Quest device.

2. Log in and Go to Sampleroom:

- Navigate to Sampleroom.

3. Open Navigation Menu with Thumbsup:

- Open the menu with the "Thumbs Up" with your hand.

- Click on "Shared with me."

- Click on the 3D model to view it on the screen.

By following these steps, you can share your 3D model with friends and view 3D models shared with you in the Teledomica application on Meta Quest.

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