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Open a Showcase Product in the Teledomica Meta Quest Application Using QR Code

1. Upload and Publish Your 3D Model to Showcase:

- First, upload your 3D model to Showcase using the Teledomica web application and publish it. Follow the necessary steps outlined in the "Uploading a 3D Model to Showcase" guide, and after uploading your 3D model, click on the "Publish" button.

2. Save the QR Code:

- After your 3D model is published, save the QR code that appears above the "Save Changes" button under the published product.

3. Open the Teledomica Meta Quest Application and Log In:

- Launch the Teledomica application on your Meta Quest headset and log in.

4. Access the Web App:

- Using your mobile device, navigate to Dashboard: Feed List ( with the same account logged in on the Meta Quest application, and sign in.

5. Scan the QR Code:

- Use your mobile device's camera app to scan the QR code you saved earlier.

6. Confirm Within the Application:

- Return to the Meta Quest application and confirm the prompt that appears after scanning the QR code.

7. Experience the Product:

- Start experiencing your product quickly within the application. Your product is now easily accessible for viewing and interaction.

By following these steps, you can swiftly open your Showcase product using a QR code in the Teledomica Meta Quest application and easily showcase it to people around you or your customers.

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