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Uploading Environment or Scene 3D Model

1. Import the 3D Model into Blender:

- Import your 3D model into Blender.

2. Center the 3D Model to Origin:

- Select the 3D model and use the "Move" tool to position it to the appropriate location to center it to the origin (0,0,0).

3. Create the Surface for Teleportation:

- Click the "Add" button in the top left corner and select "Mesh," then add a "Plane."

- With the Plane selected, switch to "Edit Mode" from the "Mode" section.

- Select only the edges to maintain.

- Resize the surface to cover the areas you want to walk on.

- Switch back to "Object Mode."

4. Create the Teleport Layer:

- Select the Plane and rename its layer to "Teleport."

- Go to the Material section and set the "Alpha" value to 0.

- In the "Viewport Display" section, choose "Alpha Blend" for the "Blend Mode" option. Your teleport surface should not be visible.

5. Add Empty and Create Hierarchy:

- Add an "Empty" from the "Add" menu and give it a name.

- Select all meshes and then select the empty as the last selection. The order of selection is important.

- From the "Object" menu, choose "Parent."

6. Apply Transforms:

- Select all layers.

- From the "Object" menu, choose "Apply" and select "All Transforms."

7. Export:

- Export the file in GLB format.

8. Upload to Teledomica:

- Log in to web app.

- Upload to Sampleroom or Showcase and fill out the form.

- In the form, you'll find options for "Object" and "Scene." Since you want to teleport, select the "Scene" option.

- Then make sure to "Save" and "Publish."

9. Experience:

- Enter the Teledomica application on your Meta Quest headset and experience the uploaded 3D model.

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